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Strategies on How To Prevent Panic Attacks


Panic attacks are terrifying experiences that seem to strike from nowhere! The sensations can be very sudden and so extreme you think your life is in danger! The feelings are so painful that you dread, maybe more than anything else, having to go through that again.

So, you may find yourself on guard every waking moment, scanning situations for danger, so you won't be caught by another surprise attack. The idea of being trapped by a paralyzing, painful fear is almost too much to handle. Are you dying? Or worse yet, are you crazy? Who can you confide in? What on earth can you do? Are you the only one who feels this way?

Actually, by now you’ve probably heard about panic attacks, or anxiety attacks, and you may already know that they impair the quality of life for over a million people. These attacks are the physical sensations of extreme fear, triggered by an anxious or panicky thought, occurring when the fear reaction is inappropriate because there’s no real danger present.

However, after you’ve had this very unpleasant experience. even the slightest physical sensation of anxiety can set off the reaction again, stimulating your automatic nervous system and beginning an ever-increasing cycle of panic, stress, and fear. These attacks are exhausting, discouraging, and can be very depressing.

However, there is some very good news for you! You can overcome panic attacks. You can be free of the pain and life can return to normal again — or maybe even be better than it was before!

Panic attacks happen as the result of responses you learned without being aware of what you were doing. Therefore, what you have to do, as thousands of others have done, is un-learn or dismantle this reaction. You can do this by understanding what is really happening to you and then by practicing the techniques you’ll read about in Panic Away™.

First, though, let's discuss what not to do. In a desperate attempt to prevent further attacks, many people respond by avoiding all situations where panic attacks might occur, where help isn't available, or where they feel unsafe. Then, they become preoccupied with the next attack, monitoring their own internal sensations for signals that an attack is imminent.

Unfortunately, these reactions often lead to greater fear and as fear intensifies and avoidance increases, the problem gets worse.

How can we reverse this debilitating process? Since there are two aspects to the problem- fear of panic attacks and subsequent avoidance of situations where they might occur — the solution involves two components:

l. Reducing the fear of panic attacks, while dealing with internal sensations of anxiety.
2. Ending avoidance of panic associated situations and panic associated sensations.

The first step on the road to recovery is understanding that a panic attack is not dangerous. The second step involves work: you have to face panic associated situations and cope with whatever feelings you have.

Fortunately, there are appropriate ways to approach these situations, and many concrete strategies to help you succeed – just click the button below:


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