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This program is an incredible life saver by identically matching your experiences. Unlike other books, NLP, self-help tapes and coping techniques, this is the only information that will help you to really break away from panic attacks. You will never be afraid again.

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Relaxation Cure For Panic Attack


Take a slow, gentle breath and say to yourself, "Calm and relax. Just relax." Relax more and more. Feel the relaxation in your forehead. Your forehead muscles are becoming loose, limp, and heavy. Just feel the eyelids relaxing.

Allow your cheek and jaw muscles to relax more and more. Feel the relaxation in your neck and your shoulders and just allow all the tension to leave your arms and your fingertips. Take another slow, gentle breath and as you exhale, say to yourself, "Calm and relaxed." 

Feel the relaxation going into your chest and your stomach and your hips and your legs as you allow your body to relax more and more. Just let the tension go and feel your feet and toes relaxing more and more. Take another slow, gentle breath and say to yourself, "It feels really good to be calm, peaceful, and relaxed.”

Continue to relax your body as long as you wish, allowing all the muscles to relax more and more. Just allow the tension to switch off. Take another slow, gentle breath and say to yourself, "Calm and relaxed."

While you are doing this exercise, you might want to put some pleasurable, soothing music on in the background and close your eyes if you feel comfortable doing so. Or if you prefer, keep your eyes open. That’s fine too. Make yourself as comfortable as possible.

Take in a slow, gentle breath. Exhale and feel even more of the tension leaving. Continue your slow, gentle breathing. With every inhale, relax further and further. With every exhale, let a little more of the tension leave your body. Let the tension go wherever it wants to go. Just imagine your muscles relaxing more and more.

Continue to breathe slowly and gently. Think about the journey you are going to be taking on your way to recovery. As with any journey, you must first make the decision to go. Pick an image that is particularly comforting to you for your personal journey. Imagine going on water or in the woods or on a peaceful path. Perhaps the journey will feel most comforting if it is just a relaxing walk through your own house.

Unexpected things will sometimes occur on your journey to recovery. You’re going to get all kinds of information from Panic Away™ that will help when you hit a trouble spot. You will be prepared for these possibilities. Take some time to think about the information you’ve read up to now. Don’t worry about learning material, the learning is already taking place.

Begin thinking about your own recovery. You’ll be learning about coping strategies that will be useful as you move forward on your journey - strategies that will help you overcome your own particular roadblocks. Maybe there are one or two ideas you’ve read about before that have meaning for you but you haven’t learned how to use yet or perhaps the most useful strategies are brand new.

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