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Cure Anxiety Attacks By Using This Relaxation Technique


Make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes if appropriate. Now stretch your legs as far as you can, turn your toes back and tighten all the muscles in your feet as tightly as you can. Hold it .... Now tighten all the muscles in your calves and thighs. Make each leg as rigid as possible, and hold it . . . hold it . . . Now let your legs go completely limp and feel the relaxation in every part of your leg, in your toes, your feet, your thighs. lt's a wonderful feeling.

Now, stretch out your hands and make a fist. Make it tight, tighter, tighter . . . and hold it. Now make your arms rigid, and feel the muscles in your forearm and biceps. Hold it, Hold it. Good, now relax, all the way. Let your arms hang limp, and notice how loose they feel, how relaxed, how wonderful.

Now arch your back, and tighten every muscle you can find in your back and neck. Make a face, as tight as you can, and hold it, hold everything. . . keep holding. . . keep holding . . . Now, count backwards from 10 and think of a scene that makes you feel very calm, very relaxed, and while counting and thinking about that, slowly relax all those tense muscles. Good. Now you are completely relaxed, free of tension in your body, and you can feel the wellness spreading throughout inside you, and on your face, and in your legs and shoulders.

Now just enjoy that wonderful feeling of relaxation. Soon you will open your eyes if they are closed, Good. All right, open your eyes. You feel wonderfully well and very relaxed.

You may be frightened now. You may feel like running away. But stop! Listen! Everything will be fine. What You feel now will go away with time. This will pass .... Nothing terrible will happen. Ask yourself, "What is actually happening at this moment?" Notice the sensations in your body. They cannot harm you. You are safe, because what you are afraid of is something that won’t really happen. It never has and it never will, because your body will take care of itself.

Take a gentle, slow breath. Inhale slowly and evenly. Hold it . . . and exhale, slowly, slowly. Your body can do this. Try it again - inhale, slowly . . . hold it. . . exhale, very slowly. While you exhale, let yourself slump wherever you are, just letting all your muscles relax like your are a rag doll .... Good. 

Let your shoulders hang down. Realize how much those scary thoughts have controlled your life. It is unfair that they should have that much control over you. You are going to replace those thoughts with some more rational ones. You can complete what you set out to do, because this fear will pass. It will pass.

Now take another slow, gentle breath . . . hold it . . .and let it go, very slowly. Let your muscles go as you exhale slowly. You will not worry if you become more aware of your fear . . . It will go away.

You will think about what is happening right this very minute. Where am I? What am I doing? What is actually going on at this very moment? No matter how convinced you are that something terrible is going to happen this very minute, it will not.

You are doing something very hard. You are choosing to feel these physical sensations now so that you can feel better tomorrow. You are being very brave, in a new way . . . these feelings will not harm you as you are safe.

Panic has never harmed anyone. This is a difficult thing to realize, but eventually the panic will fade as you continue to practice your coping techniques. You will try another slow, gentle breath through your nose. Inhale . . . hold it . . . and exhale, very slowly, letting your muscles go while you exhale. Good.

Don’t let these scary thoughts and feelings run your life. You will decide. You will choose to continue with what you are doing right now. You may feel more discomfort now, but on the other side of that discomfort is greater self-confidence and a better life. 

You are safe and you will feel better. The more practice dealing with these scary feelings, the better you will be at mastering them.

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