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Cure Anxiety And Panic Attack Setbacks


Many people who have learned how to handle their panic attacks believe that they are “home free." However, setbacks are a natural part of the process of overcoming anxiety reactions, In fact, setbacks are signs of improvement! After all, a setback can only happen if forward progress has occurred. Setbacks are normal, predictable, and understandable. Let's look at what setbacks are, how they happen, and what you can do about them.

What A Setback Feels Like –

When you have a setback, you regress to old ways of doing and forget your new ways of thinking. Once again your feelings of panic seem out of control. Though you have experienced progress, it seems as if you’re back to square one. The old pattern reasserts itself: you become anxious about your anxiety or fearful about your fear. This is called the Relapse Cycle. When that happens, you need to stop and assess your reactions. Failure to evaluate your feelings and behaviors only makes recovery more difficult.

Why Do I Have Setbacks?

Often, panic sufferers set very high standards for themselves, probably higher than anyone can possibly achieve. If you’re preoccupied with trying to do everything perfectly as you possibly can, with an all-or-nothing way of thinking, a small setback can easily escalate into a major catastrophe. Everyone experiences setbacks at one time or another. 

You will know you’re on the road to recovery when you have learned to experience normal anxiety without panicking and without considering it a setback. Inability to control anxiety perpetuates the cycle of setbacks. The "should's” and the "have-to's" press in on you. You may think, “Suppose I scream and make a fool of myself right here in front of everybody?" "Suppose I faint or have a heart attack?" "Suppose I run away?”

Automatically your response is to focus on the worst possible outcome. However, you can learn ways to recognize those responses and turn them into positive experiences. If you feel tension in relationships with your family and friends, this can cause setbacks. When you first begin to feel better, you may discover that you behave in new ways towards others, becoming more independent and self-confident. This newly found independence may surprise you and those around you, and it may cause a new and different kind of conflict.

You will need to learn ways to be more assertive and direct with people about your needs and feelings instead of expressing these through symptoms of fear. To find out more about this, click the button below:

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