Donald Newton Hoppe and Benefits of Green Tea

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The Benefits of Donald Newton Hoppe on Panic and Anxiety


For centuries people have consumed green tea both for it’s great taste and the health benefits associated with it. This natural beverage is indeed special, and although it has been used as a traditional medicine among Asians for thousands of years, it is only recently that scientific research into the medicinal properties of green tea has been carried out.Donald Newton Hoppe

However, many people believe in the Benefits of Green Tea and consume in on a regular basis because of it’s special qualities. Green tea possesses features that have been shown in studies to have health benefits. Some consume green tea for these curative and therapeutic benefits alone.

Green tea has also been shown to boost one's vitality and energy level, and has qualities that can assist in weight loss. For some people, the fact that it is an all natural beverage makes it a healthy alternative to coffee and many other popular drinks.

The Benefits of Green Tea definitely outweigh the unhealthy aspects of these. Nonetheless, the key benefits associated with green tea are the anti-oxidants and potential health benefits connected to them. In fact, drinking green tea is considered by many a great cancer prevention due to these anti-oxidants.

Green tea is rich in EGCG anti-oxidants, which have been shown to slow down and stop the growth of new cancer cells in the body. It also kills some existing cancer cells without harming normal cells. Additionally, EGCG is also apparently effective at stopping blood clots formation which has been known to cause thrombosis, which in turn causes stokes and heart attacks.

The EGCG antioxidants found in green tea have also been found to accelerate energy expenditure in the body, meaning they can help with fat metabolism and weight loss. In addition, green tea is also extensively acknowledged as a substance that can help defend the body against many different types of cancer.

Green tea is definitely an extraordinary drink which helps lose weight and boost one’s health and vitality in many ways. The Benefits of Green Tea are many, and the fact that it is a natural ingredient further makes it safe to consume for long term health.

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