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Assumptions Preventing Anxiety and Panic Cure


Many of our irrational thoughts spring from basic beliefs about ourselves, especially, and about others as well. These beliefs usually come from childhood and are very deeply ingrained. If unexamined, these beliefs may cause you to dismiss or discount the Rational You.

Here are some common basic assumptions which are associated with anxiety problems. Are any of these assumptions getting in your way?

· Do you feel a constant pressure to achieve?
· Do you criticize yourself when you aren’t perfect?
· Do you feel you haven't done enough no matter how hard you try?
· Do you give up pleasure in order to be the best at everything you do?

· Do you have to be perfectly in control at all times?
· Do you worry about how you appear to others when you are anxious?
· Do you feel that any lack of control is a sign of weakness or failure?
· Can you feel safe if you allow someone else to take over control of a situation?

· Does your self-esteem depend on everyone else’s opinion of you?
· Do you feel unable to manage on your own?
· Are you better at caring for others than caring for yourself?
· Do you keep feelings of anger inside to avoid displeasing others?

If you answered yes to some of these statements, it is possible that these beliefs have become roadblocks to your recovery.

For example, if you believe, "l have to be perfectly calm at all times," you may be adding unnecessary tension to everyday life. No one is calm all the time! However, this thought adds tension and makes you more vulnerable to panic. Be aware that these beliefs are really a strong part of you.

The first step to changing these beliefs is to notice the impact they have on your anxiety level. After you do that, you then have choices. You can try different experiments. For example, you can try acting in a way that is opposite to the way you usually behave. Then, evaluate those results.

If you are a people-pleaser and have a difficult time showing anger, try something new for you. Try telling someone you know when you are upset and see what happens. lf you need to be perfect to feel worthwhile, choose to do less on a task and notice the consequences.

For example, if you’re taking a class and have to write an essay, try this experiment: choose to write a "B” or a "C" paper this time. Don’t even try to write the "A+" paper that you would prefer to.

Each time you observe yourself falling into one of these basic assumption traps, trying to be perfect, trying to be in total control. or always pleasing people, you have an opportunity to reevaluate your beliefs and change your behavior. With time and practice. you can replace these beliefs with other, more realistic and less stressful ones.

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