How to Cure Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks

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Do You Want To Make the Last Panic Attack You Had Your Last One?

  • Are you continually nervous and afraid you might lose control or go insane?

  • Do you find yourself in the ER because you thought you were having a heart attack only to be told later it was anxiety?

  • Do you fear you might stop breathing because your chest feels tight and your breathing erratic?

  • Are you struggling daily with anxious thoughts that will not stop?

A suited executive nervously fidgets at the boardroom table. A heated discussion is in progress, but for some reason he can’t seem to understand what the other directors are saying. "What’s the matter with me? I can’t concentrate!” 

Donald Newton Hoppe, a college student rifles frantically through the exam papers he has just received. "It looks like Greek! I studied. I really did. But now I can’t answer a single question. I think I’m going to faint". His heart's racing out of control.

A young mother stands in the line at the supermarket. "Six people ahead of me and that baby won’t stop crying. I can't stand this waiting. Everyone’s staring at me. I feel like I'm going to pass out."

These Reactions are Symptoms of Panic. You have it, but you don’t know why. You may have it in a mild form that is little more than anxiety, sweaty palms, a queasy stomach, lightheadedness, confused thinking, or a rapidly beating heart that causes you to toss in bed.

Or, you may experience panic in terrifying attacks. Suddenly you feel as if you’re going to faint. Your heart pounds so hard you fear cardiac arrest. Your breathing turns into hyperventilating. Your mind goes ballistic with the awful thought that you are about to lose control-maybe tear off your clothing, drive your car off the road, or shout obscenities in public!

Realize This - As your anxiety progresses, You might even develop the most serious panic disorder:

A Fear of Fear Itself!

The first time you have a panic attack you may go to the doctor, only to be told there’s nothing physically wrong. So you try to reason with yourself: "If nothing is wrong with me, then I‘ll just try to stay calm and the panic attacks will go away." But it seems the harder you try, the more frequently they return.

Next, you may try the "Well, that’s just the way life is" rationale. "There are just too many people crowding our overpopulated earth. We live in a hurry-up, live-it-up, do-or-die society that doesn't care about anything anymore. No wonder I’m anxious."

But this explanation doesn’t change the way you feel. Your anxiety continues and starts to accelerate. Soon everything hurts, from your stomach to your head to your back. Your blood pressure goes up and your mood goes down. You can’t sleep. You feel worse and worse.

Eventually you just try to survive. There‘s always a tranquilizer, a painkiller, another pack of cigarettes, a stiff drink or two, or even a snort of cocaine to help you cope with panic. 

Maybe you can scream at your kids or spouse, eat everything in sight, or sleep sixteen hours a day to try to escape from all the bad feelings.

Your going to eventually develop phobias, unreasonable fears of flying or riding in elevators or crossing bridges. Your queasy stomach may evolve into colitis or ulcers. Your high blood pressure may bring on a heart attack. Your tension headache may become a migraine, and your back tension may become a permanent spasm condition.

You Don’t Have to Continue to Live This Way! You can bring these episodes of your life to an end no matter how long you’ve suffered just by clicking the button below:

Stop Your Anxiety and Panic Attacks...Permanently!

You are Not Unique

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